Leadership Training for Christ

This past weekend I was in Dallas for the annual LTC. At this event young kids are given the opportunity to serve Christ by song leading, bible reading, giving speeches and much more. To see these young kids show their love for Christ is so awesome to witness. In a world full of evil it’s refreshing to see that there is still some good out there and even in the younger generation.

There were so many awesome things at LTC, on top of what I already mentioned there were also choruses, dramas and puppet shows. There are also two events called Bible bowl and Bible quiz where the kids answer questions about the Bible. In the bible quiz the kids works together on the quiz, and it’s not easy. I read an example of the test where it would ask the book and chapter of a particular event or scripture. That just shows the amount of time these kids must put in to prepare. In Bible bowl the kids are still on a team but they can’t consult with one another on their answers. These questions are easier but the kids must still study to prepare for it.

LTC is a special event that brings together a bunch of kids who are so different yet have one main thing in common. A love for Jesus Christ.


NFL Draft

Being a huge football isn’t fun this time of year. You anxiously wait for the draft to see who your team picks up. Even though I am a huge sports fan in general, and baseball season just started, and the NBA playoffs are about to start, the NFL draft just has a life of its own.

This year is even more agonizing because the NFL decided to push the draft back a week or two. The Dallas Cowboys have always been my ultimate favorite team, and I always am interested in seeing who will be wearing the star on his helmet next fall.

My cousin and I have been doing draft simulators to try arm kill some of our time but it’s not the same. It almost just gives us a false hope of who our team will draft. We both are ready for football again.

Maybe football should just be a year long sport and play it while baseball and basketball is going on. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind this!!

Different Lighting

In this photo I turned off all the lights and used just the flash on my phone. It really brightens up the Mark Cuban bobblehead and keeps the dark shadows all around him.

March Madness!!!

It’s that time of year again! The time where 64 college basketball teams try and win the national championship. That time where billions of brackets are filled out to try and predict the winner. That time of year for massive upsets.

Upsets like Dayton University beating powerhouses like Ohio State and then Syracuse. Upsets like Mercer beating Duke. And upsets like SFA beating VCU. It is so hard to predict a “perfect bracket” that Warren Buffet offered a billion dollars to whoever could predict the “perfect bracket.” And within two days of the tournament his money was safe. How anyone could have predicted some of the massive upsets is beyond me.

In case you were wondering how I did, let’s just say I had Duke winning it all in two brackets I did and advancing very deep in the tournament in the other two. That should indicate how jacked up my brackets are right now.